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House Extensions in London

We specialise in a range of home extensions, including both single and double storey additions to the side or rear of your property. Regardless of the size, scale or stylistic requirements of your extension, we have the knowledge and experience to complete it quickly, at a competitive price.

Our construction experts are available to consult on every step of your extension project, from the planning and permission phase all the way through to completion. Since we value customer satisfaction, we also offer a full warranty on all house extension services we provide.

Single and Double Storey Extensions

Extending your property can be the perfect solution to much-needed extra space, while also adding value to your house. We install both single and double storey extensions. If you are unsure of the type of extension you require, our team of experts can help you decide which option would be best for your property.

If you need to add an extra bedroom, bathroom, office, or any other area to your home, we have the skills to ensure that your project is completed quickly and within budget. Our goal is to make the vision you have for your home a reality.

Planning Permissions

Understanding the various laws and regulations involved in building an extension can be difficult. With years of experience in navigating local planning permissions throughout the UK, we know the ins and outs of extension applications of all types.

We will advise you on whether or not you require permission to add your extension, as well as guide you through the process. With our knowledge, we can help make your extension project a stress-free experience.

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